The Lyme Zone

The internet contains a large amount of information that can prove to be overwhelming when negotiating ideas about Lyme in its acute and chronic forms.  I have included links here to the top  sources of information I have found to be clear and useful. 


Lyme Disease and associated disease THE BASICS-  Published by  *The Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.*

Vancouver Sun article- Dr. Murakami



This is a must-listen to interview that sheds light on the political and societal aspects of Lyme in Canada. 

Maureen is a phenomenal doctor who has personally battled against Lyme.  She is also my Lyme doctor. 


This is the personal website of Wendy Yaxley Aitken.  I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Aunt and Friend I am a teacher, and learner.

     I am a lover of life, compassion and truth.
        I also happen to have Chronic Lyme Disease co infections Babesia and Bartonella.
Diagnosed in the US, Positive Test for Elisa and Western Blot in Ontario.
Treated in the US by a Lyme Literate Doctor for 3 years out of pocket.
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Go View Under Our Skin, the award winning documentary on Lyme Disease